AmericasID began in 1996 under the direction of Bart Spaur of Barbara Technologies aka Americas Computer Direct. The ISP was registered as and and has operated under the name of Americas Internet Direct.

In the Spring of 2000, Web Wizard, Inc. purchased this division of Barbara Technologies. Under the direction of Michael Joseph, President of Web Wizard, Inc., the ISP has begun to grow in size providing excellent Internet connection service to its expanding base of subscribers.

Assisting the President, Delaina Joseph, Vice President, has taken charge of the graphical interface bringing forward a now style and upbeat look to promote a warmhearted customer interface as part of our dedication to keep the Internet user friendly.

Philosophically, the company's goals and operations are centered around quality service, responsible dial-up ratios and cutting edge technology additions to keep services at their best to meet the expanding needs of subscribers.

Americas Internet Direct otherwise known as AmericasID is building upon the foundation laid by Bart Spaur and has adopted his philosophy of giving COMPLETE service to the Internet user by providing technical assistance to the user through the operations of Americas Computer Direct.

AmericasID offers subscribers quality service and a promise to keep them connected to the exciting world of the Internet.